stOry oF minE

eVeRyThInG i WrItE iNsIDe jUsT tO rElEaSe mY sTrEsS aNd tReaT mY sOuL^^

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the one who stay in my heart ~

It's been 2 years we were together.

I love him so much.

And he said he love me too.

We always talk about our future like we have a clue.

I always wanna tell him this but i never say it to him..

"if one day your heart change and you don't love me anymore, don't be afraid to tell me, i promise i won't hate or get angry with you, cause i know that if your heart change it is not your fault, it is normal for people to change without they expect it, the feeling is just came naturally, i would try my best to understand you my dear love"

He always ask me this questions, "why did you love me"??

The true is i love you with no reason, it's just a natural feeling live in my heart but he just never understand it.  you don't need to dress smart or do anything else cause no matter what you are, i guess my heart will never change and it will be you always inside my heart.

All i want from you is your attention, your love, be loyal to me, respect and understand me.  Not your money or else.

Sometimes i have this bad feeling about us, i think that we are not belong together because there are many things that you don't like about me.  Even if you never say it to me but i can sense it.

And if you wanna know i love everything about you and i don't know why cause it is a natural feeling.

Every night when i miss you i cry a lot..only when i finish crying i can sleep.

I never tell you whenever i feel so down, sad, have problem.  It is because i don't want you to have more problem and trouble in your mind by just thinking about me.

If you happy then i will be happy for you to..i just wanna see you live happily so that what ever happen i won't regret if you can live happily even if it is without me <3

so long and far away :(

Tonight i feel so sad as i miss my family so much.

 I hate to study here cause i feel so lonely to study here.

How i wish i have a bestfriend to talk with.  But i don't have.

I feel so stress out like to die already.

 People always say that "Never look back and keep moving on"'s so true but i don't really agree with it..of cause we all have to move on cause we can't turn back the time.

 If the time can be turn back, i believe that all of you have the moment that you want stay forever in that time or change something that are wrong and you wish that never happen and it is a mistake.

I really are want to runaway from all of this.

I don't know how long i can hold on anymore :(

Monday, January 23, 2012

wanna be like this one day :)

 its a nice outfit :)

 its still a fake smile here...i just being here...

 they say i look like my sister in this pic ..

 posing yang x menjadi hahahah :D

 trying to be cute.. wink **

 Do i have a arabian looks?? my cousin say so~

smile?? hmm...inside who know right~

p/s: one day i will wear this outfit...but now i just wanna change inside..cause i think there are no use if i just change outside but inside still not good ~

the latest of me :)

 i think i have change a lot...

 can't smile properly here :(

i will become more better than before :p

this picture is taken by him :)

 we eat breakfast at tambunan..i'm eating the ice cube haha :p
he take this picture without letting me know ~

we have our breakfast at kfc cp..
it's early in the morning...
again he takes my picture without letting me know it :)