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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the one who stay in my heart ~

It's been 2 years we were together.

I love him so much.

And he said he love me too.

We always talk about our future like we have a clue.

I always wanna tell him this but i never say it to him..

"if one day your heart change and you don't love me anymore, don't be afraid to tell me, i promise i won't hate or get angry with you, cause i know that if your heart change it is not your fault, it is normal for people to change without they expect it, the feeling is just came naturally, i would try my best to understand you my dear love"

He always ask me this questions, "why did you love me"??

The true is i love you with no reason, it's just a natural feeling live in my heart but he just never understand it.  you don't need to dress smart or do anything else cause no matter what you are, i guess my heart will never change and it will be you always inside my heart.

All i want from you is your attention, your love, be loyal to me, respect and understand me.  Not your money or else.

Sometimes i have this bad feeling about us, i think that we are not belong together because there are many things that you don't like about me.  Even if you never say it to me but i can sense it.

And if you wanna know i love everything about you and i don't know why cause it is a natural feeling.

Every night when i miss you i cry a lot..only when i finish crying i can sleep.

I never tell you whenever i feel so down, sad, have problem.  It is because i don't want you to have more problem and trouble in your mind by just thinking about me.

If you happy then i will be happy for you to..i just wanna see you live happily so that what ever happen i won't regret if you can live happily even if it is without me <3

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