stOry oF minE

eVeRyThInG i WrItE iNsIDe jUsT tO rElEaSe mY sTrEsS aNd tReaT mY sOuL^^

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

so long and far away :(

Tonight i feel so sad as i miss my family so much.

 I hate to study here cause i feel so lonely to study here.

How i wish i have a bestfriend to talk with.  But i don't have.

I feel so stress out like to die already.

 People always say that "Never look back and keep moving on"'s so true but i don't really agree with it..of cause we all have to move on cause we can't turn back the time.

 If the time can be turn back, i believe that all of you have the moment that you want stay forever in that time or change something that are wrong and you wish that never happen and it is a mistake.

I really are want to runaway from all of this.

I don't know how long i can hold on anymore :(

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