stOry oF minE

eVeRyThInG i WrItE iNsIDe jUsT tO rElEaSe mY sTrEsS aNd tReaT mY sOuL^^

Monday, January 23, 2012

wanna be like this one day :)

 its a nice outfit :)

 its still a fake smile here...i just being here...

 they say i look like my sister in this pic ..

 posing yang x menjadi hahahah :D

 trying to be cute.. wink **

 Do i have a arabian looks?? my cousin say so~

smile?? hmm...inside who know right~

p/s: one day i will wear this outfit...but now i just wanna change inside..cause i think there are no use if i just change outside but inside still not good ~


  1. follow u ^^
    awek brandon ke?

    1. thanks^^...err brandon 2 apa erk??